n 1982, a resolution was presented to the general officers of the A.L.J.C. to form a Christian School Department of the A.L.J.C.  It did not take long to put together guidelines for such a department.  There were several established Apostolic Schools at this time that were affiliated with the A.L.J.C.  It was apparent that there were some basic needs in the department to show the proficiency of the Christian School movement in the organization.

The first need identified was the criteria for schools to be accredited and all teachers certified.  The second need was to develop the where with all to compare all schools of like faith in academic, social and athletic aspects of education.  This lead to the forming of what is now known as Christian School Competition.

In 1984. the first competition was held in Newark, Ohio, at the Ohio District Campground.  It was a one day event.  In 1985, Bro. Joe David Sizemore consented to allow the newly formed department to hold a National Christian School Competition at the Cincinnati, Ohio Church Campus.  The following year, Pastor G.D. Peters hosted the event at Kingsport, TN.  In 1987, the annual event was moved to Knoxville, TN, hosted by the First Apostolic Church of Knoxville, where it has been since. The purposes of the Christian Education Department were outlined in 6 areas and are as follows:

  1.  To promote our Church Schools on a Monday-Friday program, using God-centered curriculum that in-houses life skills.
  2. To implement the program of Accreditation and Certification where and when desired by the pastor.
  3. To issue Certification of Accreditation to those Bible Colleges, and M-F Chruch Schools that are consistent with the teachings that are outlined by the Assembnlies of the Lord Jesus Christ and that meet the standards set forth in the valid criteria.
  4. To issue certifications to those teachers that meet the standards set forth in the valid criteria for certification and that are consistent with the teachings of the Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ5.
  5. To endorse those Bible Colleges and curriculum that the Pastor is in good standing with the Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ and the school has fulfilled said requirements.
  6. To implement at National School Competition to compare all schools.